Intensive Range

The Intensive range consists of a variety of products to intensely target specific areas of concern or specific skin conditions. Each product is formulated with unique ingredients intended for use by those who wish to get the maximum benefits of the specially selected vitamins and nutrients.

This range has been formulated to complement every step of the unique step-up system the Environ vitamin A skin care programmes follow.

Once opened, use within 10 – 12 weeks to ensure optimal vitamin activity.

Can be used by male and female clients. 

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Avance DFP312™ Cream

This luxurious multi-functional moisturiser containing a trilogy of three special peptide complexes helps to smooth out lines and wrinkles, making skin appear plumper, smoother and youthfully radiant.

Revival Masque

Our miracle facelift in a jar contains a powerful combination of three alpha hydroxyl acids (Lactic, Asiatic and Mandelic acid), which assist in creating a visibly smoother, radiant and younger looking skin.

Retinol 1

Step-Up Level 1: This serum contains bovine colostrum and a high concentration of vitamin A. It assists in refining skin texture, and reducing and improving the appearance of fine lines and uneven skin tone.

Retinol 2

Step-Up Level 2: This serum contains bovine colostrum and a very high concentration of vitamin A. It assists in refining skin texture, and reducing and improving the appearance of fine lines and uneven skin tone.

Retinol 3

Step-Up Level 3: This serum contains bovine colostrum and an extremely high concentration of vitamin A. It assists in refining skin texture, and reducing and improving the appearance of fine lines and uneven skin tone.

Hydrating Oil Capsules

These capsules pamper dry, tired skin as they contain a special blend of retinol and antioxidants which help to revitalise skin, leaving it looking radiant and silky-soft to the touch.

Alpha Toner Forte

Containing a high concentration of alpha hydroxyl acids, this toner gently exfoliates and helps to reveal a glowing and radiant-looking skin.

Alpha Hydroxy Gel

With a high concentration of fruit acids, such as glycolic and lactic acid, this gel improves skin’s overall appearance by assisting in its exfoliation and refining the appearance of visibly rough, sun-damaged skin and uneven skin tone.

Alpha Hydroxy Cream

This cream helps to energise tires and dull-looking skin and restore a more radiant complexion because the combination of fruit acids it contains assist with the gentle exfoliant of the skin.

Super Moisturiser +

A luxurious moisturising cream containing a special blend of scientifically researched ingredients such as Revidrate™, Pentavitin® and pro-vitamin B5, which have been proven to enhance natural moisturising factors, as well as protect and retain skin’s moisture levels.

Antioxidant Gel

This soothing, water-based gel contains a blend of vitamins C, E and B5, as well as antioxidants and moisturisers which assist in defending the skin against harmful external influences.

Colostrum Gel

Containing a high concentration of bovine colostrum, this gel assists in providing essential nutrition to skin, leaving it looking and feeling revitalised and youthful.

Hair & Scalp Tonic

This easy-to-use, non-greasy hair and scalp tonic contains vitamins B12, B5, A and E to help moisturise and enhance the appearance of hair and scalp.


"I’ve always had stubborn belly fat, and no matter how much I exercised the fat wouldn’t budge. I got told about Infuse Beauty Rooms through a friend of mine. Originally I opted for the 3 months fat freeze as I had read some good reviews. It’s now 6 weeks down the line and I’ve already noticed a significant reduction on my belly fat. I’m going for the lipo cavitation next for tummy sculpting. Shaz is amazing and professional and has made me feel extremely comfortable throughout treatments. She’s very honest with what I should get done and best route for me personally."

- Waania Tariq,
Student of BPP Law School Leeds

"Having been a regular at Infuse Beauty Room for many years, I can safely say I would never want to go anywhere else. Shazia is the only one I trust my eyebrows and I highly recommended her wide range of facials, especially Dermalogica."

- Hasna Khan,
Admin Assistant

"I first came to Shazia 6 years ago when my sister recommended here to me. She has been part of the family ever since! Not only has she improved on my skincare, but she also did my bridal make-up for my wedding! She is reliable, professional and always makes you feel at ease in her company. Shazia always puts 100% into her work and I definitely recommend her to others! "

- Mariya Hussain,

"I came to Shazia with terrible skin just a few months before my wedding. As you can imagine, hormones and stress was all-over!! Mash’Allah after having had a few Dermalogica and Environ facials my skin started to feel amazing. I can’t thank Shazia enough for making my skin spot and bump free for my wedding. It’s been a year now and Mash’Allah I am spot free and 90% scar free! Defo recommend xx "

- Serish Javed,
NHS Worker

"I wanted to say how amazing I look, and feel after the chemical peel treatments I've had from you. My face feels fresh and is glowing, plus I love the compliments I'm getting every day. Thank you so much for such an excellent service. I’m getting ready for my fat freeze treatment now. "

- Aeda Shaheen Butt,
Owner of Aedas Angels Childcare